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Jan 26, 2011

Owens - Round Seven

She'd just grabbed Simon to hug him when Aaliyah walked by.  She slapped Simon & yelled at him for being a cheating scum and then ran home.  Gracie only felt a little bit bad. It's not like she wanted to date Simon... she just didn't want Simon to date anyone else...
She just didn't want to settle down with one guy. 

She had fun with all of them!

Some more than others.

Seth worried about all the dates she was going on, but never realized that she'd started sneaking out, as well!

So nobody said anything, figuring it was just a stage that she needed to work through.

Shanna becomes an elder.

After reaching the top of the gaming career & retiring, Seth found himself with a lot of spare time, so he began to fool around in his shed... building robot toys.
And showering his wife with affection...

Gracie liked to show her affection, as well.

Ten Dream Dates.  Gracie was pretty proud.

Ian grew up. Looking good, Ian! Very professional & sharp!

Gracie grew up in the middle of her date!

Followed shortly by Seth's death.

It hit everyone very hard.

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  1. Noooo! Seth!

    Heh...I never take the loss of first generation challenge sims very well. I get most attached because they're the ones who have to struggle along with no money and no skills.

    Quite gorgeous children he had with Shanna, though.


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