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Jan 31, 2011

Tomyoy (2) - Round Eight

Elmer likes to throw lots of parties & then instigate water balloon fights.

"I don't care if Elmer invited you over! You're not welcome here! You should've  accepted our relationship when you had the chance!" Olivia yelled at Nina.  "Get out!"

Caterina makes a new friend, Amelia Owens [Owens (2)].

Gage begins the toddling phase. 

Caterina takes every chance to tease and taunt poor Gage.

Lindsay drops by to spread marital discord. She swoons after Elmer kisses her. (Note: Elmer then went upstairs to bed with his wife & Lindsay walked in on them & got mad. She now refuses to have anything to do with Elmer.)

Elmer tips delivery people extremely well.  He wants everyone to like him.

Olivia grows up.

And the pizza delivery lady stays for a birthday toast.  "To Olivia, your husband tips extremely well. Cheers!" Oh my - And I noticed that I didn't get a picture of Caterina aging up.  She's a romance Sim (DARN-IT!) and she wants 20 Lovers (GRRRR!!!)

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