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Jan 30, 2011

Tomyoy - Round Eight

Sheldon felt so lonely since Ashley's death, so he asked Lindsay to move in and be his live-in love interest.  Lindsay considered it for a long time & then asked "Will I need to continue working?"  Sheldon was perplexed and replied, "Not if you don't want to... I make more than enough..." 

Lindsay immediately called work and yelled "I quit" at the manager.  She giggled to Sheldon, "That felt so good! I couldn't stand him!"

After wearing Sheldon out, Lindsay lay in bed and made plans...

Sheldon's children were less than enthused that Lindsay was moving in so suddenly.  Lance tried to avoid talking to her whenever he could, she seemed so vain & full of herself.

She also had a lot of guys over all the time.  "What? Don't look at me like that, Lance. They're just friends!"

Really good friends.

Lindsay put off telling Marcus where she was because she knew he would probably hate her when she told him.  She didn't want anyone to hate her... she wanted everyone to love her!  Marcus tracked her down anyways & they fought bitterly in the front yard.

When Marcus tried to grab her by the arm & drag her arm, she slapped him and told him to get out because they were through.  "You never appreciated me!" she fumed.  Marcus just gasped in horror, wondering if he ever really knew her at all.
Lindsay had intended to flirt with the maid in the bathroom after he finished cleaning the toilet, but he'd already moved on before Lindsay could reach him.  So, she wound up flirting with him in the kitchen right in front of Sheldon. Oops.

Lindsay fluttered her eyelashes and said "Oh please... pretty please... forgive me? I'll be extra good for you tonight..."  Sheldon turned out to be very forgiving.

Lance brought his coworker Starla home and enjoyed an afternoon hanging out with her.

Stacy grows up!

I seriously think it's funny how many people are attracted to Lindsay.  She has a certain something, I guess!

Lance throws a wedding at the local church and marries Aaliyah Pratt on his day off.  (The church is Holy Trinity Church from MTS -  I absolutely love this church! In my opinion, the outside is gorgeous.  It was raining this time around though - so inside it was!)

Henry & Starla had a disagreement...

Lindsay woos Knut while Sheldon sleeps.

Aaliyah can't stand her father-in-law.  There's just something about him that bugs her.  The feeling is mutual. (Their dislike surprises me since they're both Wealth/Earn 100K Sims. Maybe they're feeling competitive?)

Stacy is quite taken with Jake Butler.


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