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Jan 26, 2011

Tomyoy - Round Seven

Sheldon & Lance play 'slug me harder' soon after Sheldon reached the top of his adventurer career.  Now if only he would hit that 100K mark!

Stacy watched plenty of cooking shows with her mother growing up, so she's very handy in the kitchen.

Just in the nick of time! She didn't even get to do her top of the career dance. Dang Grimmie - give her a whole minute!

Sheldon was very shook up at losing his beloved wife.

Apparently Ashley grounded Sheldon. He jumped Frosty & had a wicked smile after doing it.

Stacy likes to keep her options open as well.  Oh the high school drama...

Sheldon starts to take Lance jogging with him.

Stacy threw another big party & was slapped after flirting with Heath in front of Joshua.  (Look at Henry Bank's [the kilt] face while he's dancing.  Fuuuunnny!)

Stacy's face is so photogenic!

She asks Heath to go steady with her while Joshua looks on in anger.

Aaliyah walked right up to Lance & tried to goose him - without an introduction! (Thanks alot influence!)  Lance was not impressed with her forwardness.

Sheldon becomes an elder.

Lance & Aaliyah yell at Joshua as he runs off with their... ummm.. invisible newspaper?  They yelled at him the whole time in sync. So cute.

Then they finished & turned to each other as if to say "Jinks!"

And then Lance was forward and smooched her.  I hear wedding bells in their future.

Lance yells at Joshua again.  He hates it when people steal. He wants to be a policeman, after all.

Awww.. major cuteness factor here!  Stacy grabbed a book and read Lance to sleep! I didn't even know the younger sibling would attempt that!

Another day, another party at the Tomyoy household.

Everyone comes to watch Lance grow up.  Sorry Lance, AJ already rocks that look. We're going to have to send you to the store.

Ashley makes it a birthday to remember. Thank God he didn't die! It was a pretty close call, though.   "Scary isn't it," Gracie murmurs in sympathy.

Since Joshua keeps coming by & kicking over their trash & stealing their newspapers, Stacy stops him and apologizes.

Everyone chit chats, ignoring Ashley wandering around the party.

Wow. I wonder what happened here.  Stacy ran over and talked to Bryan so Joshua would quit getting slapped.  "Chill Bryan, don't start a fight at my party. The cops might come..."

The next day Lance throws a small, intimate get together & tries to decide between Gracie & Nina.


  1. I had to see the teen reading a teen to sleep. Very cute! Your blog is very nice.

  2. I wish it looked like more than Stacy just reading close to a sleeping Lance. So much cuter when I was actually playing the game & watched her walk in & settle down to read to him.

    (And thank you, thank you for the compliments! Your blog is what got me started on prosperity & a few other challenges!)


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