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Jan 24, 2011

Tomyoy - Round Six

Ashley didn't know why this newlywed couple had stopped by to see her. That Elmer certainly was handsome, though.

Ashley was feeling every bit her age.  She enjoyed watching the cooking channel & playing chess outside, yelling at the kids that ran by like a cranky old woman.

Lance brought one of his classmates, Aaliyah Pratt home with him from school. She said she was having some problems at home and didn't want to go home.  He knew all about that!

Ashley felt considerably younger after stealing a quick kiss from Sheldon, her husband's coworker.

Stacy becomes a teen.  She dreams of getting married & one day growing old with her husband.

And who could resist this face?

Aaliyah & Stacy eat their dinner in silence since one of Ashley's "friend's" joined sat at the table.  Aaliyah rolled her eyes and kept her head down.

Lance threw a party while his parents went out for a run.   Sheldon is still extremely attracted to Ashley. He doesn't have the slightest suspicion that she cheats on him regularly.

Lance hits it off with Gracie Owens.

He also hits it off with Nina.  How is he going to decide?

The party winds up in the bathroom.  Stacy finally broke the party up & told everyone to leave before she had an accident.  It was a second too late!

"I love your hair, Lance. Can I feel it?" Gracie said teasingly.

Feeling bold by Gracie's forwardness, he leaned forward to kiss her.  "Hey... I'm not that easy," Gracie said as she backed away.

"Gracie, why'd you break my brother's heart?" Stacy asked.  "Oooo... is he crying?" Gracie asked happily? "That means he likes me!"

Trying to get over the pain, Lance asks Nina out.

And she accepts his advances.

Another day, another huge unsupervised teen party.  Simon dances with Ashley while Stacy rubs Joshua's back. 
She can tell Joshua is totally in to her & leans forward to kiss him.

She gets swept away in the moment.

Sneaking off to the bedroom, Simon & Gracie got carried away, too.

Lance had never liked anyone as much as he liked Nina & asked her to go out with him.  "I really like you & like being with you," she started, but she explained that she wasn't ready for a serious relationship.  Bryan looked on and said "Ouch," under his breath.

Henry came over to have dinner with his siblings and was upset when he heard about the parties.  He cornered Ashley and berated her.  "Your kids are throwing make-out parties! Do you really want them to follow in your footsteps?"   Ashley coldly ordered him out of her house. "How dare you criticize me in my own home!"
Lance doesn't understand why he's having such romantic trouble. He picks up the phone and makes a phone call. "Hey can you come over?"

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