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Jan 31, 2011

Turners (2) - Round Eight

Lamar couldn't wait to fall in love. The only problem was that he was picky. Extremely picky.  Oh- and he was also cheap. Extremely cheap.

Mary seemed bored by his conversation. 

Lamar cringed when he thought about how old she was.

And wasn't impressed with her age, either.

After another lacking match, Lamar was starting to think the matchmaker hated him.

"I told you, I want someone young," Lamar told her, very annoyed.

Finally, Lamar shelled out a little more money & then crossed his fingers for luck.

She was really nice, but he still didn't feel attracted to her. Besides, he wanted someone who had a better job...

She was really nice, but her clothes were a little weird.  They also didn't have anything to talk about.

Lamar & Willow had a pleasant date, but she wasn't very impressed with the fact that he had a job.

Lamar really liked this girl, but she wasn't in a very good mood and left shortly after the date began.
Starla was not impressed with Lamar, either.
17 1st Dates
Lamar was entranced with the beautiful black wolf that hung around his house. He left out a bowl of food and a dog toy in case Tiggy wanted to come back.
Lamar spent a lot of time reading on his bed when he wasn't dating.  He'd been sick earlier in the round & never seemed to get his comfort up.
Lamar skipped work to meet more eligible women. He thought maybe it would be better to date during the day.

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  1. Blasted matchmaker. She'd probably punch your sim if he could tell her "No more old chicks," though.


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