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Jan 29, 2011

Turners - Round Eight

"It's so nice to meet you sweetie," Naomi told her grandchild Lianna Nichols.

JaNeeNee becomes a teen (pleasure - culinary)

Bruce entertains a co-worker.

She-Ra has one little kitty that JaNeeNee names Titon.  (Thanks for having a huge litter She-Ra.. geez...)

JaNeeNee entertains Blake, a family friend, at a big party she threw for her parents golden annivesary.

And one of the guests of honor checked out. 

"It feels so weird without mom here with us," JaNeeNee said sadly at breakfast the next morning.

Heath came over after school with JaNeeNee.  Three bolts with this boy!
She couldn't wait to kiss him!   

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