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Jan 22, 2011

Turners - Round Five

The Turner family knew things would be tough moving into a newer home, but Bruce thought it was best for a fresh start.

All the men in the room panic.

Welcome to the world JaNeeNee - named in honor of your grandmother, Janene.

"I love your hair!" Lamar enthused. He wished he could work up the nerve to ask her on a date, but she just looked so bored.

Michael grows up to be a handsome child.

"Good kitty, He-Man.  Go make babies with She-ra!"

Lamar, Taye & Lance have an impromptu water balloon fight.

With the family so strapped for cash, Naomi gets the only night-time job available as a security guard.

Michael meets a sweet stray dog.

And brings him inside to pet him.

"Michael, don't let that wolf back in the house, there was something strange about him!" Taye told Michael over dinner.

Little JaNeeNee grows up.  This family needs LIGHTS in their house & a serious cash infusion!

Naomi becomes an elder.

How in the world am I supposed to have kittens if He-Ma & She-Ra are fighting. Although, in retrospect, they are siblings... hmm... should've kept Cat-Ra around...

Naomi struggles to stay away and teach JaNeeNee to talk.

Taye's hectic schedule gets the better of him as he collapses in the front yard after his car pool dropped him off.

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