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Jan 26, 2011

Turners - Round Seven

Lamar had dated a few of the neighborhood girls, but none of them interested him.  He couldn't help that he was picky!  He called the matchmaker to help find him his true love.

Even as large as the family is, Naomi still demands everyone come have dinner together.  "A family that eats together, stays together," she preaches.

And a family that skills together, reaches their LTW together...

Michael becomes a teen. (I think he looks a lot like Naomi) He is a popularity/athletic sim.  (Because the neighborhood needs more athletes!)

JaNeeNee loves to play house as the cat looks on.

Another family meal.

Kittens Romeo & Juliette grow up & are promptly sold to a few good houses.

He-Man & She-Ra are coaxed into having another litter.

It's the twins birthday!

They grew up well!

Taye immediately flirts with Carolina, his high school love. 

Followed by a heartfelt proposal.

Carolina has to adjust to living with Naomi. She likes things a certain way and gets on to Carolina if she does it wrong...

Sheldon & Naomi's love is still going strong.

Lamar moves out so that he can have privacy on his dates.

Taye & Carolina move out, as well.

"Have a good day at school Michael!" Sheldon called, taking a break from kissing Naomi.  Michael just walked by & pretended like he didn't know the two old people in their underwear.  He could just die of embarrassment!

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