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Prosperity Peeps

Jan 24, 2011

Turners - Round Six

Taye is quite taken with Carolina.

He has quite a way with the ladies.

Naomi retires from the force.

He-Man & She-Ra are finally persuaded to start the circle of life.

Bruce becomes an elder & hopes that age discrimination doesn't keep him from reaching the top.

JaNeeNee grows up to be a beautiful little girl who is as spoiled as a princess.

Carolina had so much fun with Taye that she dropped off a piano. How sweet! How did you know my simmies needed to get more creativity?!

JaNeeNee starts her music lessons early.  He-Man looks on in distrust...

Naomi & Bruce show that their fire still burns.

Speaking of a little princess...   Michael grumbles that all three boys have to share one room & NeeNee gets a room all to herself.

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