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Prosperity Peeps

Feb 25, 2011

Banks (2) - Round Twelve

Preston Banks (Family, 6 Grandchildren), Kara (Romano) Banks (Knowledge, Dance), Cornelius

Needing money, Kara headed to work despite being pregnant (& because they had no fridge - she was going to starve to death!).  Thankfully, the family received a 12K money infusion from Dexter's inheritance.  Kara delivered beautiful baby Ethel as soon as she got home.

Cornelius checks out the new house.

Preston makes friends with his coworker.

Cornelius is a child now!

The family enjoys a late family dinner of macaroni.  "What are you talking about?" Kara asks Preston.

Kara wakes up from a nightmare & sees Preston & Cornelius playing red hands in the room.

Ethel becomes a cutie toddler.

Kara watches cartoons late one night after she couldn't get comfortable in bed.

Preston reaches the top of his career.

Preston teaches Ethel to talk as Nanny becomes a crazy milk nazi.

"More milk now!" Ethel giggles.

Kara & Cornelius take the time to snuggle before she has another child to care for.

Two seconds later...

Kara! Quit watching TV & bond with your baby boy Andrew!

"Sweetie...dinner won't be ready on time!"

Ethel learns to walk.

Ethel runs down the stairs to head to school.

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