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Prosperity Peeps

Feb 4, 2011

Banks - Round Nine

Henry Banks (Wealth - Criminal/Dance), Margaret Banks (Athletic), Preston Banks

Henry was amazed to discover how much he loved dancing.  He danced all the time now.

Preston always greeted Henry when he got home, no matter how late it was!

Margaret discovered herself pregnant again. 

Henry reached the top of the dance field, too! Now what?!

Putting the toddler toy by the diagonal wall allowed a weird black hole in the wall which dogs & people could freely move through. 

"Will you wake up already Henry! I'm in pain!"

"I'm so proud! Another little boy! Let's name him Charles."

Henry made lots of money on his first novel "Even Criminals Have Heart.."

Preston has lunch with his schoolfriend, Amelia Owens [Owens (2)].

Preston becomes a teenager.  He wants to get married and marry 6 children. Family Sims!

That is if he lives to see adulthood.  Ghost Preston - that's your NAMESAKE!

Little Charles grows up.

"I've always wanted a little girl," Henry whispered.

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