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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Feb 11, 2011

Banks - Round Ten

Henry Banks (Wealth, Criminal/Dance), Margaret (Athletic/Criminal), Preston (Family, Marry 6 Children), Charles
Gage came home from school with Preston.  "Dude, don't talk that way about my sister.."
Margaret stretched after going for jog before work.  She was sure to get that promotion today!
Preston threw a big teen party & all the kids got to know each other & felt out their attractions.
Preston had a thing for Caterina.
Charles grew up watching all the fun his big brother had with his friends while Mom & Dad were away.
Family dinners were far and few between.
Even though he had a busy social life, Preston still excelled at school.
Margaret reaches the top of the athletic field and is talked into joining up with husband in a "sure ting."
Preston's date wasn't going as well as he'd hoped.
Oh yeah, sure, that's a great way to get her attention!
Henry & Margaret come back after work.  The thrill excites Margaret.
Age has not been kind to Henry & he's starting to show his age.  But, Margaret still loves him.
She made a rookie mistake and was demoted.
While Henry climbed right back up to the top of the career again.

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