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Feb 25, 2011

Banks - Round Twelve

Preston starts the round out by getting his first kiss with Catalina.

Margaret becomes an evil genius!

And forgot to pay the bills.

Oh yeah Repoman. Watch your back. This is one mean, lean, fighting team!

Preston reaches the top of his teen med career.

Henry's 3rd lifetime want is to Earn 100K, so he frantically puts out books in hopes of attaining that goal. Margaret wants 5 Top Businesses. Good luck with that Margaret. What? Don't look at me like that! I can't get ONE top business!

For all appearances, Preston has it all - great loving family, a great job, first kiss - why is he mad?

Oh crap. I guess Karma can be a pain...

Not Henry's baby!

AND the stereo? Little greedy, aren't we?!

Preston throws a teen party & attempts to chit chat with the girls.

Aw, so evil & so in love!

Preston - should you be playing with the computer?  *crosses fingers*

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