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Feb 25, 2011

Boggs - Round Twelve

Simon Boggs (Raise 20 Pets/6 Grandchildren), Sadie (6 Grandchildren), Stella, Benjamin, & Emily.

"I'm trying to sleep Stella!" Sadie said as she shooed Stella out of her room.

The family takes advantage of some nice family time...

"What? You saw my wife have a breakdown at the store? I don't know... she seems fine.." Simon said to the well-meaning caller.

But she is not fine...

Not in the least...

Emily becomes a toddler.

Last two pets are grown up - Bippety & Boppety!

Stella becomes a teen. I think she rolled Popularity - but I know she wants to go into the military.  Maybe to become an astronaut and go up in space?  These Boggs & their obsession with outerspace!

Emily becomes a child. I'm sorry sweetheart, I don't have a plastic surgeon in my game. :(

The neighborhood gets together for some water balloon fights.

Stella has lunch with the guys & gets to know them. Preston seems to be trying a little too hard - really? You're going to talk about girl shoes?

Simon becomes an elder.


Boo! Simon reaches his LTW & now wants to have 6 grandchildren.

Marcus tells Stella how hot he thinks she is.

She's so pleased, she gives him a kiss.

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