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Feb 25, 2011

Fairchild - Round Twelve

Todd Fairchild (Knowledge, Medical), Stacy (Family, Golden Anniversary), Thomas & Molly

"I did it! I got an A," Thomas shouted.

Stacy saw that Jake had dropped by to say hi.  As they talked, she told them about her marriage & her wonderful children.

Molly grows up to a child.

STACY! What are you DOING?! You're a Golden Anniversary SIM! He should NOT be kissing your HAND!  Maybe it won't count if you kick him in the shin & send him away!!!  (Dang it! I just went to catch a picture of Molly & left those two alone for two seconds arguing.  She was supposed to make him fall out of love with her.)

Kara had a great outing with her sister-in-law, she came by & dropped off a cute chair for Molly.

Stacy grows up & throws an anniversary party - just on the off-chance that kicking his shin & sending him away make his kiss null & void.

"Happy Anniversary, sweetie," Todd told Stacy as he pulled her in for a kiss.

She looks so much like Ashley here. Especially because she was kissing other men. GEEZ! I'm still upset about that!

Oh. Hello Mr. Penguin. Who invited you to our party?

Thomas grows up.  Beautiful eyes! (Pleasure)

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