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Feb 19, 2011

Hsu - Round Eleven

Phebe Hsu (Family, Marry off 6 Children), Daniel (Family, Education), Franklin (Pleasure, Culinary), Destiny (Romance, Athletic), Trevor, Jeanie, Marie

The family let Trevor play outside in the snow too long during the snow day.  Uh oh... he tipped over!! This cannot be good.  (Thankfully, Destiny got in there before she had a coughing fit & warmed him up, so there was no social service visit. I was WORRIED!)

"I'm pregnant again," Phebe told Daniel worriedly. "Do you think we can handle another one?"

Trevor becomes a child & teases Marie.  Come on Trevor - you have to be friends with her so you can teach her nursery rhymes! Be nice!

Franklin invites DeeDee Turner over to help with.. homework...

Little Nate is born! (And no mental breakdowns!)

Marie grows up well!

And so does Jeanie!  (Poor Nate is in a pretty girly nursery...)
A family that eats together, stays together - or as in this case - a family that eats together is starving.  "Can I have another bowl of cereal, Mom?"
Trevor grows up well.  He's a knowledge sim that wants to do intelligence work.

Wait a minute.... who is who?
Reintroducing:  Franklin with the long shaggy hair & Trevor with glasses.  (What, you guys don't see glasses?)

Franklin asked DeeDee to go steady with him, something he'd been thinking about for a long time.  She hesitantly accepted.

Where did you say you work Phebe?
Darn! I thought Krystal Tomyoy & Trevor would be perfect for each other!
Daniel grows up in the red - although he looks happy about it. 

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