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Feb 25, 2011

Hsu - Round Twelve

Daniel Hsu (Family, Education), Phebe (Family, Marry Off 6 Children), Franklin (Pleasure, Culinary), Destiny (Romance, Athletic), Trevor (glasses & sweater) (Knowledge, Intelligence), Jeanie (blonde hair), Marie, & Nate

Franklin grows up in the middle of his tour with the headmaster.  (By the way, I found a great way to get the kids in private school & avoid the headmaster freeze when greeting.  Queue up all the greetings "earthy hug", "handshake", "fake out", etc. and each one of those interactions give you 5 points under schmoozing.)

Nate grows up mad. "You hit me with a water balloon!" Nate screamed as he jumped Jeanie.   "Nate - it was just water!" Marie fretted as she watched.

Franklin moved out to give the family more space.  He was ready to be on his own.

Who knew what tomorrow would bring?

Phebe becomes an elder...

...and immediately had a breakdown. 

Jeanie grew up.  Gorgeous!  (Popularity, 20 BF)

Marie grew up beautiful too.  I love her eyebrows! (Pleasure, Culinary)

Flashback to Phebe's teenage looks - like Mother - like Daughter!
The girls get to know some of the other teens.

Destiny grows up.

She can't wait to find love.  The matchmaker hooked her up with Aren, but in the middle of the date, she had a want to fall in love with Patrick.
So, she sent Aren packing & invited Patrick over.  (Jeanie, could you give them a little privacy?)

They fell in love quickly.
Jeanie gets to know a beautiful stray dog.  "Let's be best friends," she told him as she petted & gave him snacks.

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