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Feb 11, 2011

Hsu - Round Ten

Daniel Hsu (Family, Education), Phebe (Family, Marry 6 Children), Franklin, Destiny, Trevor
Beautiful 3-bedroom house by ekrubynaffit at MTS.  I sadly had to gut it so my family could afford it, but hope to have it one day looking as beautiful as she originally had it!

Destiny & Franklin are not happy about the move...

...or their parents fighting about money all the time.

Phebe wandered the empty halls & cringed.  She hated being broke. They had $66 to their name & not much else...
"You LOST your JOB?!" Phebe screamed shrilly.  "How are we going to pay the BILLS?!"  Daniel held his hands out "I don't know. I just offered them orange wedges... I didn't know it would be that big of a deal..."

"You are so inept!" Phebe insulted.
Just to make life harder, Phebe discovered she was pregnant again.  At this point, having a baby is a fear for both Daniel & Phebe.
Franklin becomes a teen (Pleasure, Culinary)
Daniel was lucky enough to get a job in education again, but was demoted soon after his first promotion.
"What are we going to do with TWINS?" Phebe cried.  Welcome to the loony bin Jeanie & Marie.
Uh oh. This doesn't look good. Daniel's in the corner sucking his thumb.
Family meeting!
Daniel has a rough time after hitting the rough patch with Phebe & the unexpected arrival of twins.
Daniel chats with his kids over breakfast.
Destiny is ready for her first kiss.  She's going to be a handful, Daniel & Franklin think, shocked at how fast she grew up.  Destiny is romance Sim who wants to be a slacker. (Nooooo! No more romance Sims!! This whole generation is Romance-oriented! Dang it!!!!)
Destiny chats up Dave Owens, her coworker.
Happy birthday!  I think this is Jeanie.
And this little beauty is Marie.
After checking in on their babies, Phebe jumps into Daniels arms.  "I've missed you baby" Phebe cried as Daniel held her.
After we just fixed our relationship, how am I going to tell her I lost my job again? Daniel worried.

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