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Feb 18, 2011

Nichols - Round Eleven

Marcus Nichols (Family, Education), Lianna (Romance, Culinary) & Quentin (Wealth, Dance)

Quentin knows that he's cheating on Kara Owens, but he's fallen madly in love with Amelia Owens.

Kara doesn't handle the news very well.

Kara refuses to break up with him & Quentin doesn't want to break up with her.

Finally, their relationship sours enough that Quentin breaks down & breaks up with her.  He immediately asks Amelia to go steady with him.

"I'm gonna kick her ass!" Kara yelled.

"Hitting me isn't going to get Quentin back. Go find someone else..."

Quentin ages up before the eyes of his two lady loves.

Quentin pulled his hair back from his face so the girls could see that handsome face.

Lianna began dating her way through men...

She dressed to impress... and impressed the men were...

She didn't want to settle down with any one man...

Not while she was having so much fun!

Then she met Korey.  She'd never met anyone like him before.

She'd seen the ring on his finger, but it didn't stop her.
Then, something happened that stopped her in her tracks.
Her father's death hit her hard.  She thought he would be so ashamed she'd turned out exactly like her mother.

With that in mind, she decided to focus on strengthening friendships... not conquests...

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