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Feb 4, 2011

Nichols - Round Nine

After his bitter divorce, Marcus throws himself into his work and reaches the top of the educational field.  His new goal is to marry off 6 children.

Lianna has been having trouble with school since her mom left.  She just doesn't care anymore.

She'd rather spend her time doing other things....

Lindsay actually came by to see how the children were doing.  "What do you want me to say?" Lianna demanded.  "You made your choice. Now go away!"

Lindsay actually looks regretful!

Marcus spends a lot of time on the computer again.

But he also spends time with his kids.

Quentin becomes a teen. He wants to grow up wealthy & excel in dance.

Lianna gets a job at the local fast food chain & watches cooking shows to learn more about cooking.

Marcus studied anger management.  He was tired of being angry with Lindsay all the time. He still couldn't believe she left him - and the kids!

Dave & Lianna hit it off.

Quentin had a little bit more trouble fitting in.  Poor Joshua.  He's gotten the short end of the stick an awful lot.

Marcus is pleased that he is successful getting his kids into private school.

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