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Feb 11, 2011

Nichols - Round Ten

Marcus Nichols (Family, Education/Marry 6 Children), Lianna (Romance, Culinary), Quentin (Wealth, Dance)

Quentin chatted with Kara Owens.

While Lianna chatted up Gage Tomyoy.

But Lianna really had eyes for Dave Owens.  He was the cutest boy in class!

Quentin absolutely adored Kara, though.
Marcus invited Lindsay over in secret for some physical comfort.  He didn't want the kids to know he invited her over because they couldn't stand her.

"You want to move in here!" Marcus asked, surprised.  "I'm sorry if you misunderstood... our arrangement..." Marcus stammered as he waved his hands around.  "But, the kids... well, and I... No.  You can't live here."

Amelia Owens thought that Quentin was gorgeous.  She made a pass at him after a study session one afternoon.

Lianna invited her co-worker home with her.

And showed him why she was perfect for the promotion.

She was surprised when Gage dropped by. That guy made her knees weak!

Marcus sighed as he checked his email. Nothing from Lindsay. She must've been upset at the inept way he'd handled her request to move back in.  He wondered what had happened with her cushy new husband.

Lianna makes time for one more spectacular date before she becomes an adult.

She is one hot mama!

Marcus befriends a very pregnant Sadie Boggs.

Lianna brainstormed on ways to reach the top of her career - and fast...

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