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Feb 25, 2011

Nichols - Round Twelve

Lianna Nichols (Romance, Culinary), Quentin Nichols (Wealth, Dance)

Lianna tries romancing Shane Benson, but Marcus apparently didn't approve.

He was going to make sure she didn't waste her life like her mother...

Quentin meanwhile invited Amelia Owens over & proposed.

They were married in a small, intimate backyard wedding.

Lianna looked around to make sure Marcus' ghost didn't pop up again.

Speaking of popping...

And more popping...

Lianna's admirers gathered around the door to drop off presents.

What? A lamp?  "Everyone needs lamps!" Lamar fumed.

Quentin & Amelia make such a cute couple. this baby is going to be loved!

Ouch! Don't twist your neck in your hurry to have the baby Amelia! That looks painful!

After a particularly fun closet session, Lianna proposed to Shane & asked him to run away with her.

What?! No pictures of the babies!? How could I?!  Ameila & Quentin had adorable little girl with Ameila's skintone that Quentin named Arianna.  Lianna & Shane had a beautiful little girl with Lianna's skintone that they named Kaitlyn.

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