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Feb 18, 2011

Owens (2) - Round Eleven

AJ Owens (Wealth, Earn 100K/Earn 100K), Mary (Knowledge, Adventure/5 Top Businesses), Dave (Popularity, Culinary), Amelia (20 Best Friends)

AJ & Mary were still very much in love.

Amelia rings up a sale. Inwardly, she winces as she recognizes Aunt Gracie's handiwork.

Simon, quit playing chess & take your wife home. She's having a nervous breakdown in public...

Dave throws a birthday party to ring in the new year.

Looking snazzy!

He immediately takes it to the next level with Lianna Nichols, his coworker. 

Quentin complained to Mary about the house.  (In fact, everyone at the party queued up to complain to Mary about the house. Seriously people, I might have a home business, but it's closed right now. Quit complaining!)

Christopher Pratt was not impressed when he found Caterina flirting with Dave, even though he was happily married to Kerie now.  Chris - you can't have your cake & eat it too!

Amelia grows up

And throws herself into Quentin's arms.  "Let's get married! Right now! We'll run away to Vegas!" she cries.

Dave romances Willow.  I can't help it - they both have Ronald McDonald hair. I kind of feel like it's fate that they wind up together...

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