Prosperity Peeps

Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Feb 4, 2011

Owens (2) - Round Nine

AJ Owens (Wealth - Earn 100K), Mary (Boggs) Owens (Knowledge - Adventurer), Dave Owens (Popularity - Culinary)

Dave threw a huge party & invited all his friends over.  (Michael Turner, Joshua, JaNeeNee Turner,  Dave, Lianna Nichols, Quentin Nichols & Preston Banks)

Preston Banks took it personally when Dave hit on Lianna Nichols in front of him.

Lianna told him that it was okay, she was going to break up with Preston anyways & Dave soon enjoyed his first kiss.

Ameila grew up beautifully! She is a popularity Sim that wants to have 20 Best Friends.

Wow! Look at ALLLL the pictures I took for this round. Whoops!  What I didn't show was AJ worked like mad to get another hot rod fixed up for sale.  He's working hard to get to that 100K mark!

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