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Feb 25, 2011

Owens (2) - Round Twelve

Dave and Willow were almost inseparable... but there was something missing...

And he found that extra oomph with Nikki Waiter, the local culinary goddess.  3 bolts attraction after she showed up to congratulate him on his culinary interest!  (He likes blondes that can cook!  Sorry Willow! I was rooting for you!)

AJ decided to build a seaport & was demoted.

Oh yeah.. Dave & Nikki get  along great...

AJ tries to publish a book on how to earn 100K.  Afterall, he's attempting to earn his 2nd 100K.

Feeling like he shouldn't waste time when he knows what he feels, Dave proposed to Nikki.

They're married in a rush.  (See how happy Nikki is that she married a rich Sim?)

Yeah, the $1 to her name might've had something to do with that...  Geez! Gold digger!

It's nice to see my nice elderly couple still madly in love...

No!! It's not time yet AJ! I'm not ready to let you go!  Ummm... that was Mary crying, not me...

Wanting more time to spend with her family, Mary retires.

Nikki's bun in the oven is ready! (Ha ha - a culinary joke...)  Little Carrie is born!

Mary doesn't get much time with her new grandchild, but will soon be with her husband AJ.  (I like how she & the Grim Reaper are out of sync...)

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