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Feb 18, 2011

Owens (3) - Round Eleven

Lindsay Owens (Popularity, Athletic/20 Pet BF's), Hannah (Popularity, Journalism), Patrick (Romance, Woo Hoo with 20 Sims), Julie (Wealth, Intelligence), Biscuit

Hannah couldn't get enough of Korey.  "Stay the night," she whispered. [I thought she'd had him move-in last round, but apparently not!]

Patrick got busy fostering connections...

He took the plunge & asked Monica Pratt to go steady with him.  You can tell that both of them were overjoyed...

Korey (Romance, Music) moves in & immediately begins inviting over his groupies.

Goodbye Lindsay!

Hannah was demoted due to a poor choice at work.

"I'm going to be a star one day," Korey told Lydia.  She was suitably impressed.

Patrick tried to make a move on Tanya Pratt, but Monica's twin wasn't having it.  "She's my sister!" Tanya raged.

The family adopted Pipsy so that poor Biscuit would have someone to play with. Later that day, Biscuit passed away.

Julie was demoted at work because of a chance card.

Hannah is pregnant & thinks it'd be cute to do pigtails for awhile.

Korey figures this chick will be easy to win over...

Patrick's party ends with the cops sending everyone off. (Notice Everett Owens lusting after Tanya Pratt in the background!)

Korey was right.  Aiyana was ripe for the picking! She was so smitten that she dropped off a pinball machine.

Before Korey ran off to work, Hannah hinted that she was due any minute now.  Grumbling & acting petulant, Korey stomped back in & shoved the ring on Hannah's finger. "Satisfied?" he griped.  (I was waiting for Korey or Hannah to roll the want to be married, but neither one did.  I was going to hold out & have the baby born out of wedlock, but I just couldn't do it!)

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