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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Feb 11, 2011

Owens (3) - Round Ten

Carter Owens (Knowledge, Journalism/Max 7 Skills), Lindsay (Popularity, Athletic/20 Pet BF), Hannah (Popularity, Journalism), Patrick (Romance, Woo Hoo With 20 Sims), Julie (Wealth, Intelligence)

Patrick is feeling pretty proud of himself.

Julie shocks everyone with her beauty.

Especially the paperboy.

Lindsay looks on at her teenage daughter.

Generation Two: Patrick, Hannah & Julie.

Julie tells Hannah that she'd love to go to private school, so Hannah arranges for the headmaster to visit.

Carter retires to focus more on his studies.

The teens have a blast:  Preston Banks, Hannah, Amelia, Patrick & Dave.

Carter didn't have much time left.

And neither did Maggie.

Hannah grew up well.  She is attracted to blonde hair & hats.

So she fell hard for the gardener, her mother's friend.

Joshua follows Julie around everywhere.  "Look, I'm not interested," Julie said bluntly.

Dave loved playing games online.

Romance blossomed between Hannah & Korey

Julie doesn't like what the newsboy has to say.  She wishes he would just kiss her. Geez!

Patrick asks the matchmaker for help finding someone to date & is surprised to meet Caterina.

Unfortunately, Preston Banks was leaving the party & caught Caterina red-handed.

Hannah doesn't think she could be happier with Korey.

Feeling secure in their relationship, she asks him to marry her. Hannah is too in love to notice how hesitant Korey replied.  (What's amazing about this is that neither one of them love each other yet - their lifetime relationship is at 60 or so & as you can see, Korey doesn't seem to be the marrying type...) 

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