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Feb 25, 2011

Owens (3) - Round Twelve

Hannah Collins (Popularity, Journalism), Korey Collins (Romance, Music), Julie Owens (Wealth, Intelligence), Patrick Owens (Romance, Woo Hoo with 20 Sims)

Julie is doing great & reaches the top of her intelligence teen career!

Hannah has little baby Dirk.

While Korey has neighbor Lydia.

Patrick becomes an adult - look out world - here he comes!

Korey was demoted after attempting to climb into the rafters.  (I love how how he rocks the gardener's hat in his rock ensemble...)

Julie grows up after coming home from work.  (Hello Julie, Caterina called... she wants her clothes & hair back!)

Hannah felt bad for poor Pipsy who was lonely.  So, she adopted Ferdinand the German Shepard.

Julie had a hard time connecting with her coworker Magnus.  It was almost like he didn't like women (Magnus was Lamar Turner's first male date!)

Patrick invites some girls over & invites them out for a wet t-shirt contest... I mean... a water balloon fight...

Dirk becomes a cute toddler.

Patrick met Willow outside his house.

Oh my! All that red in the picture hurts the eyes!
Nanny! Don't just smell the roses while Dirk plays outside in the rain! There's lightening! What are you, stupid?
Wait! Okay! I'm sorry I called you names!! Come back! Don't leave Dirk home alone!!!!!

Hannah decides that she should let Julie & Patrick have the house.  "Besides," she tells Korey, "I'd like to raise my children away from Patrick's romance influence. They don't need to see a steady stream of women coming through the house..."  Oh Hannah, sweet, innocent, naive Hannah....

Pipsy delivers three little babies - Arthur, Gwennie, & Lancie.

Patrick scores with Willow & then tells her he'll call her as he shuffles her out the door.

His sister had arranged a double date for them.

Julie talks with Ian Startor, trying to decide if there might be a future.

Despite all the men in the room, Julie prefers to study mechanics for that job promotion.

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