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Feb 18, 2011

Owens (4) - Round Eleven

Dexter Owens (Family, Golden Anniversary/6 Grandchildren), Alessandra (Romano) (Family, Education), Kara (Knowledge, Dance), Everett (Family, 6 Grandchildren)

Everett reaches the top of the police career track for teens.

Preston Banks is shocked by how lovely Kara is as an adult.

They're married immediately.

Everett is upset... about what I don't know anymore... but look at that 6-pack!

Preston & Kara get started on family planning right away!

While Monica Pratt makes moves on Everett.

Kara is so excited to find out she's pregnant.

Monica brings her sister Tanya over & Everett is smitten. He's never met anyone like her before!

"Get a room!" Everett said, disgusted.

A nice family breakfast.

Welcome to the world Cornelius!

Cornelius becomes a toddler.

Preston's parents stop by to meet their new grandson.  Umm... guys... Cornelius is on the floor - not down each other's throats.

Aww... what a good grandma Margaret!

"I'm proud of you, son" Henry tells Preston with a hug.

The family enjoys a late night snack & Henry entertains everyone with stories about Preston when he was little.

Kara is feeling tired & achy all the time again. She wonders if she could be pregnant...

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