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Feb 4, 2011

Owens (4) - Round Nine

Kata hugs her mother and congratulates her on her promotion.

Then plays a fun game with her friend...  errr... Caterina Tomyoy? Nope. Just checked - that cutie is Destiny Hsu!

Marcus Nichols comes home with Alessandra from work & meets an interesting woman.

Kara grows up - very beautiful! She is a Knowledge Sim that wants to be a dancer when she grows up.

Marcus is influenced to flirt with his love interest.  *covers her eyes*  Not a goose, you goose! She was quite upset & the slapfest & subsequent crying jags began.  Alessandra sent them both home in disgust.

Kara begins training to be a ballerina.  One day she dreams of having a beautiful outfit when she works out instead of these brown shorts.

At one of Alessandra's work parties, Lance Tomyoy catches Gracie Owens flirting with Simon Boggs.  Although he was happily married, he was not happy with cheaters right now.

Dexter became an elder.  I thought Alessandra was going to age up as well, but she was just really tired and wobbly.
Kara is a good older sister & often takes care of little Everett.  I think it's so cool he got blonde hair from his daddy!

Dexter throw an anniversary party and breaks out the champagne.  (I love how AJ & Dexter both came!)

He takes Alessandra outside and hands her a champagne glass and toasts her - "To us," he says.

Alessandra becomes an elder.

Trying to reassure herself that her children were getting the best education, she calls up the headmaster to schedule an inquisition.. err... I mean interview...

Kara falls in love when she meets Quentin Nichols.  His sister Lianna watches. I can't tell if she's happy for him or ready to kick Kara's butt...  Creeeeepy!

Little Everett grows up.  (Seriously Maxis - another pink jammie set? You have it in for my little boys, don't you?)

Everett immediately pulls some scrap wood together & makes a lemonade stand. Aww.. what a good big sis Kara is to play along.  "Mmm... this is delicious!" Kara announces.

She thinks it's so sweet that Heath would play along too.  What a guy! she thinks.

Heath didn't seem too impressed with her, though.  They always act interested to begin with, Heath thought glumly, but they always drop me when they grow up.

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