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Feb 11, 2011

Owens (4) - Round Ten

Dexter Owens (Family, Golden Anniversary/6 Grandchildren), Alessandra (Romano) (Family, Education), Kara (Knowledge, Dance), Everett (Family, 6 Grandchildren)

Demoted. Again. Poor Alessandra just doesn't have what it takes to make it to the top of the educational field.

Kara has found her soulmate in Preston.  (I really, really wanted her to wind up with Quentin Nichols... We'll see how that goes...)

Everett makes friends, although he doesn't look too pleased about it...

Dexter reaches the top of the gaming industry.  "Can I retire now? Please?" he asks.

Aw... they're so cute together.

Kara falls in love with Preston. She loves how family-oriented he is.

Kara reaches top of teen dance career.

Realizing that Everett will soon grow up, Dexter takes some time to read to him like he used to do.
Dexter! Don't play in puddles outside when it's lightening outside!
Grrr... FIRED?  So much for your lifetime want!  Bad Alessandra! Bad!
Everett grows up (Family, Have 6 Grandchildren)
That must've been really funny Everett. 

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