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Feb 19, 2011

Owens (5) - Round Eleven

Lamar Turner (Pleasure, 50 1st Dates/Culinary), Gracie (50 Dream Dates, Gamer)

Gracie goes into labor.

Wow. This is the only picture that made it into their photo album. They were too busy working on the dream dates...
Years later - meet Candice!
And Terrance!

Elmer enjoyed his numerous dream dates with Gracie so much that he had to drop by a stereo system. And happened to catch Gracie outside on a date with Lamar.  (Stupid Lamar went outside to drop off the stupid dream date bouquet...)
Even though he was pissed, Elmer still came by to drop off another gift...
See? He's mad...
Gracie tries to fix her karma by undoing the hair mistakes she'd caused last round.  "Aiyana, it looks beautiful!"
Mary Wren - look how lovely again!

Bored & needing a few more dream dates, Gracie propositions Lamar's good friend.
Who is more than happy to steal a few kisses.

Stepping out of the closet arranging her clothes, Gracie sees her children sleeping peacefully & takes a moment to appreciate them...
After almost 20 dream dates, Lamar still kept rolling the want to fall in love with Angie McCullough.  The want always popped up right before he & Gracie had a dream date.

So, Lamar invited Angie over.

Autonomous flirting. Darnit!  I was busy having Gracie work over Lamar's coworker, I didn't catch Angie being a homewrecker until too late!
So Gracie retaliates.  (Lamar had fallen out of love when Gracie turned down his hug, but it didn't mean he wasn't upset to see her with another man.  He was so upset he couldn't even make it across the room without cringing... and Candice was starving with a surprise visit from a social worker looming...)
Gracie & Aren celebrate her 50th dream date.  (So disappointed! I really wanted that dream date to be with Lamar - but he wasn't having it!  Too bad the kids aren't old enough to repair a relationship yet!)
Speaking of kids... happy birthday!  (Does anyone actually hold their kids anymore?)

And Candice - ready to take on the world!

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