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Feb 4, 2011

Owens (5) - Round Nine

Gracie Owens (Pleasure - 50 Dream Dates)

Gracie moves out on her own & decides if she wants to make it as a stylist, she needs to revamp her image.

"Ta Da!"

She greets Aren and flirts with him.

Curtis is not happy with his makeover.

She helps Shanna Owens lighten up her make-up.

She styles Simon's hair just a little different.  "Look how much younger you look!" she gushes.

She gives Lindsay Nichols-Tomyoy a fresh look.

And somehow finds time to romance Aren.

After he drops off two bouquets of flowers, she uses most of her savings to buy a shelving unit to display all the pretty flowers.  "Aren't they beautiful?" she asks.

At the bookstore, she meets a handsome man and chats him up.

Dexter & AJ come to Gracie's grand opening.  They look so similiar! Too bad Carter was at work! I would've loved a shot with him in it as well!

Gracie convinced Ian that he needed a new haircut for success.  "This is better," she urges. "You'll look like a million bucks!"

Gracie's new friend kept complaining to her about the mess around the house.  "Clean it up yourself if it concerns you!" she finally snapped.  He immediately began walking around to clean.  (Love the influence sometimes!)

Aren drops off a big screen tv after such a wonderful date.  Woo Hoo!

Despite her busy work schedule, Gracie likes to stop to smell the roses.

"Oh Elmer! Why have I never met you before?!" she exclaims as she kisses him. (Yeah, I'm reaching. She needed a dream date & he needed another best friend.  But, in the end they weren't best friends & it wasn't a dream date. DOH! I made them cheat for nothing!)

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