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Feb 11, 2011

Owens - Round Ten

Shanna Owens (Romance, Athletic/Woo Hoo with 20 Sims), Ian (Knowledge, Architecture)

Shanna reaches the top of her career & being newly widowed, decides to enjoy as many of her fans as possible.

She retires so that she has more time to devote to her... fans...

After Nina pushed him away again, Ian takes up painting as a creative outlet.

Shanna invites over Brenda & Gracie for a dinner party.  She never liked that Nina anyways.  She's hoping that Brenda & Ian will hit it off.

And they do.

Soon, Ian professes his love for Brenda.

And asks her to marry him.

The Holy Trinity Church is packed with people attending the wedding.

Even Nina, who obviously made the mistake of asking Gracie for a makeover.  "I can't believe he's marrying her!" Nina complained.  "I just needed some space..."

Beautiful wedding picture.

The guests enjoyed wedding cake.

Shanna missed Seth so much after witnessing the beautiful wedding & the newlyweds antics.

Ian is so ecstatic that Brenda is pregnant. He can't wait to be a dad!

Doh! I guess the newlyweds were too busy doing other things, so they forgot to pay the bills.

Brenda gets to know her flashy sister-in-law.
Welcome to the world little Bethany!

Shanna adores being a grandmother & cuddles Bethany every chance she gets.

Such a beautiful baby, Shanna thinks.

Unfortunately, Shanna's time came to a close.  Hey Ian, quit playing games and at least pretend to notice your mother going to the great beyond!

At least his wife cared that her mother-in-law passed away. Geez.

Circle of life! One door closes & another door opens. (Every time I see this picture I get the Live - Lightning Crashes song stuck in my head!)

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