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Feb 18, 2011

Pratts (2) - Round Eleven

Sheila Pratt (Wealth, Law), Tanya (Knowledge, Gamer), Monica (Pleasure, Culinary), Reggie & Derrick

Everett came over to hang out with Tanya & tried to tell Monica that it was over.  "But, will Tanya let you kiss her like this.." Monica asked.

Tanya finished her homework and went to find Everett.  She was upset to see him talking to Monica...

Monica throws a big teen party & singles out Franklin Hsu. But, he seemed so far out of her league, she decided to flirt with Patrick Owens - a sure thing.

Ooops. Not too much of a sure thing.
"Look, I'm dating Destiny, if she'll still have me..." Patrick told her.

Feeling bad that she might've broken Patrick & Destiny up, Monica attempts to influence Destiny to kiss Patrick. But, Destiny doesn't want anything to do with Monica.

Franklin wants something to do with Monica, though.

Ironically, Tanya convinced Destiny to kiss Patrick - only to have her heart broken.

"I didn't know you would REALLY kiss him!" Tanya cried as she slapped Patrick.

Oh yeah. That party went well.  See the look of horror on Monica's face?  The looks of anger was pretty much on everyone's face by the end...

"Ummmm... Let's play snowball fights!" Monica announced loudly.

Charles Banks & Emilio Romano get in a fight. None of the Pratts knew why...

Bryan grew up & thought DeeDee was the most beautiful girl in the room. She wasn't impressed with him though.  Sheila looked on in anger over how rude DeeDee was.

Patrick Owens & Charles Banks duke it out.
Charles has a minor little hissy fit.
Monica flirts with Samuel.
And is caught by Emilio Romano flirting. 
He must be a good friend of Everett's... I'm not sure... Monica is not well liked right now, though.

"Here... go watch a movie or something.." Monica bribed Emilio to leave her alone.
Then enjoyed the rest of her evening with Samuel.

The next morning, Sheila sat at the kitchen table and worried about what she would do after she lost her job for being late 3 times.  She just wanted to make sure she had that last bit of charisma for her promotion...

Reggie on the other hand reached the top of the intelligence career for teens. (By the way, he's Fortune/Intelligence)
Tanya tried to sit everyone down to talk about their feelings & get over all their anger.

Monica was demoted due to a bad choice at work.
"You want me to what with Emilio?" Monica cringed.
Monica never got the chance though because Emilio jumped her.
"This is the worst round EVER!" Monica cried.

Sheila was starting to feel her age.
DeeDee Turner was a big hit among the boys.  Monica hated her.
Reggie was trying to decide which girl interested him the most when Bella Romano let him know that she'd like to be considered.  Subtle, isn't she?

She wasn't about to wait around for love like her Mom! She was going to grab it by the horns!
"Franklin, all the other boys mean nothing to me! I really like you!" Monica cried as she attempted to hug Emilio.
Monica came home from work one day & found Tanya & Everett on a date.
I'm not quite sure why Tanya & Emilio are fighting...
Destiny is distressed when she catches Emilio cuddling up with Monica.  "She's dirty!" Destiny complained.
Derrick grows up. Poor guy got stuck with a tie. Family, Golden Anniversary.

He wastes no time hitting on Julie Owens, though.

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