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Feb 4, 2011

Pratts (2) - Round Nine

Manuel Pratt (Wealth - Architecture), Sheila Pratt (Wealth - Law), Tanya, Monica, & Reggie

Sheila watched as one of the girls scooted across the floor.  She felt so listless.  She absently thought that she must have baby blues.

Then she discovered she had another child.  God Lord, what are we going to do with another one!? Sheila thought in horror.

It's a good thing Sheila wasn't a family Sim because each one of her kiddos grew up poorly that evening.  (Tanya in yellow jammies & Monica is in the pink)

It hit the nanny harder than their mom when the little babies she'd taken care of grew up poorly.

Monica & Tanya have a lot of animosity towards each other.

"Read to me next Daddy. You always read to her!" Tanya pouted.

Sheila thought a breakfast eaten together might help the girls get a long better instead of fighting & arguing all the time.

You know what time it is.

Welcome little boy Derrick.  He has the most beautiful blue eyes!

Sheila goes through the motions, but begins to feel overwhelmed. She can't wait to go back to work.

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Derrick becomes a toddler.

Reggie becomes a child.  (Thanks Maxis for the green jammies. Appreciate it!)

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