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Feb 11, 2011

Pratts (2) - Round Ten

Sheila Pratt (Wealth, Law), Tanya, Monica, Reggie, Derrick
Manuel never had the time to be the best architect.  Grimmie came quietly to take him away.

Sheila didn't handle it well.  (Breakdown #1)

The next morning wasn't any easier (Breakdown #2)

So of course the thief would choose her house!  Because that was the kind of life she was having...
She was fired after arranging files by the alphabet.  I guess it could've been because she attempted to do the alphabet backwards...   (mental breakdown #3)
Sheila stayed in bed. Alot.
"I'm worried about mom," Reggie told Monica.  "If she goes crazy, who's going to take care of us?"
Good thing Monica & Tanya grew up!  Someone needs to take care of poor Reggie & Derrick!
But the damage was already done, Derrick grew up poorly from lack of nurture.
Slowly, Sheila returned to reality & was able to get her job back.  Her kids were relieved to see her smiling more.
Monica (Pleasure, Culinary) & Tanya (Knowledge, Gamer)
But, they were also young teens, interested in boys!
And life seemed to return to normal at the Pratts household.

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