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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Feb 25, 2011

Pratts (2) - Round Twelve

Sheila Pratt (Wealth, Law), Tanya (Knowledge, Gamer), Monica (Pleasure, Culinary), Reggie (Fortune, Intelligence), Derrick (tie) (Family, Golden Anniversary)

Derrick got tired of all the kids teasing him, so he worked out to get fit.

Sheila needed something to do with her time, so she adopted a kitty & named her Patches.

Monica and Gage get groovy on the dance floor.

Then, she pulls Marcus aside for some sweet kisses.

Samuel catches her and starts a fight.

Tanya & Nate Hsu share a tender moment, as well.

Patches becomes a cat. I feel like I should break out the fine china with this kitty! Very aristocratic!

Monica grows up well!

Tanya grows up well, also.  Oh no! She & Elise Rossi are wearing the same dress! Quick Tanya - go change!  (I feel like we should have a fashion poll - who wears it better? Elise or Tanya? Lol!)

Lianna Nichols & Monica hit it off.  They must be discussing men...

Tanya went shopping & got a new outfit & decided to get contacts while out in town, as well. (For some reason her glasses kept showing up as reflective, instead of clear.)

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