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Feb 4, 2011

Pratts - Round Nine

Maya (Nichols/Pratt) Rossi (Pleasure - 50 Dream Dates), Renaud Rossi (Popularity - Athletic), Bryan Pratt (Knowledge - Architecture), Aaliyah Pratt (Wealth - Earn 100K), Christopher Pratt (Knowledge - Criminal), Elise Rossi

Aaliyah loves to sing, even at an early age.

Maya is starting to feel older and worries that she won't reach her 50 Dream Dates.

She's definitely on the right track, though.  Only a few more to go!
Maya passionately kisses Renaud after she fulfills her lifelong dream.

Renaud heads to work in a llama costume, dedicated to rising through the ranks as fast as he can!

Maya tutors Elise on the best ways to study.

Bryan calls the matchmaker to help him find someone who could be his future wife.

He is introduced to a charming woman - Lindsay Nichols who tells him that she's divorced.

He digs the fact that she's so creative - especially in using the front seat of the car.

Renaud gives his little girl a kiss after coming home from a hard day's work.

Then grabs Christopher to go for a jog.

Elise grows up & rolls the family want.  I forgot to see what she wants to do with her life. Oooo...  a mystery!

Maya spends more time entertaining friends.  Caroline Turner falls asleep in the middle of dinner. How rude!

Lindsay Nichols drops off a large stereo system after a fun date.  Bryan looks around the livingroom and wonders where he'll put it...

Christopher reaches the top of his teen career.

Elise meets Dave Owens & hits it off. You can recognize that hair a mile away!

Everyone heads to work/school as Maya watches with regret at her almost grown family.

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