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Feb 11, 2011

Pratts - Round Ten

Maya Rossi (50 Dream Dates), Renaud Rossi (Popularity, Athletic), Bryan Pratt (Knowledge, Architecture), Christopher Pratt (Knowledge, Criminal), Elise Rossi (Family, ?)

Christopher became an adult in the blink of an eye.  "How you doing," he called.

Elise dated Preston Banks.

Renaud sang a duet with his coworker Magnus after a few drinks.

Christopher called the matchmaker since he didn't know any attractive girls.  Kerie certainly fit the bill though!

Elise flirts with Heath, as well.

She's so busy trying to get Heath to like her, that she misses what's going on right inside.

Goodbye Maya!

Renaud doesn't know how he'll carry on.

Bryan reaches the top of his career. 

So he decides to settle down & start a family.  But, the matchmaker has other ideas...

Christopher heads off to work as Heath & Elise play together.

Among other things.

Feeling that this house was really Bryan & Christopher's birth right, Renaud & Elise move across town to a new house.

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