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Feb 18, 2011

Romanos - Round Eleven

Nina Romano (Knowledge, Architecture), Amin Graham (Family, Marry 6 Children), Bella & Emilio

Since Amin was a family sim who wanted to marry 6 kids, he & Nina got started right away.

Amin got to know his coworker Quentin Nichols.

The kids took after Nina & loved to read.  They had such a desire to learn new things!

WHAT?! What happened?! I left you alone for 5 seconds!!!

SALVATORE! Did you have something to do with this? Dang it! So much for that!  Poor Nina!  I wonder if her heart will ever recover. (Forget about Nina, I don't know if I'll recover! I'm really bummed about Amin!)

Bella finds solace by cuddling with a nice, stray dog.

Amin's death caused Nina to go into labor.  She gives birth to a little redhead she names Amin.

 Bella (Pleasure, Slacker) & Emilio (Knowledge, Entertainment) become teens! (By the way, could someone explain to me how entertainment fits under the knowledge category? Geez...)

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