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Feb 11, 2011

Romanos - Round Ten

Nina Romano (Knowledge, Architecture), Bella & Emilio

Nina scrubbed her face after coming home from Ian's wedding.  She'd burned that bridge, she thought bitterly.

She threw herself into work

And raising her babies.
Sometimes life could be overwhelming.
She complained to Amin one night about being alone and wanting to be a real family.  He held her hand and offered to step in...
"Why did you have to mess our friendship up?" Nina accused.
"You're going to push me away, just like you push everyone away when things get hard," Amin argued.  "And all I want is to be there for you, to help support you,"
But Nina just couldn't do it.  She wanted to reach the top first.  At an impasse, Amin sadly hugged her goodbye.
In the meantime, Emilio grew up.
As well as Bella.  Without a word from Amin.
Nina invited Amin over to talk one night, then came back and stepped in front of the tv.  "Hey! I can't see the show," Amin complained.
"Amin, I was wrong. You've been there for me through everything and I was a fool to send you away," Nina said.
"Shut up and kiss me," Amin said as he pulled her into his arms.
"Did you know that Amin spent the night last night?" Emilio whispered.   "I wonder if it's serious," Bella whispered back.
Things were serious, indeed.  Amin got down on his knee and proposed to Nina in front of the children.
They didn't handle it well.  In their minds, they'd always had her to themselves.
Nina threw a big wedding party & even invited her estranged father.  He had so much fun dancing with his grandchildren.
"What a beautiful wedding," Nina told her new husband.  Amin Graham (Family, Marry 6 Children - Too bad he can't adopt Emilio & Bella!)
The children were terrified that Amin would die when he tried fixing the composer.  Perhaps they realized how much they truly loved him. 

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