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Prosperity Peeps

Feb 25, 2011

Romanos - Round Twelve

Nina (Romano) Graham (Knowledge, Architecture), Bella Romano (Pleasure, Slacker), Emilio Romano (Knowledge, Entertainment), Amin Graham

Close-up of little Amin.

Krystal Tomyoy has a thing for Emilio.  Sister Bella is not impressed.  She doesn't think anyone is good enough for her twin brother.


Nina reaches the top of the architecture field.  Feeling the need for something... different.. she sets her sights on the criminal field.  There apparently exists a huge black market for copper wires...

Amin becomes a toddler.

Yup. Amin was scared to death by Sal - the Serial Killer Ghost.

Bella makes a move on Reggie Pratt.

And Nina ages gracefully.

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