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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Feb 25, 2011

Rossi - Round Twelve

Renaud Rossi (Popularity, Athletic), Elise (Family, 6 Grandchildren)

Elise was tired of being single. She couldn't wait to get married & have babies!

She'd had a fling with Gage, but she knew that he wasn't the marrying type.  Everett Owens, however, had caught her attention!

Gage had already moved on to greener pastures.

That doesn't look comfortable Everett...

DeeDee, you could try to look a little less disgusted as Renaud flirts with you.  In the middle of his date with DeeDee, Renaud knew who he wanted to marry... and it wasn't DeeDee.

"Leave my Dad alone," Elise poked DeeDee.  "Homewrecker!" (So, I looked at Elise's friendships & saw that she was best friends with Caterina, so I assumed that was why she was so upset. She felt that Renaud was cheating on her friend!)

"Will you marry me?" Renaud dropped to one knee.

Aww... they're both excited about getting married!

Wait... Elise looks pretty pissed...

"I'm getting too old to do that in the car," Renaud griped as he got out of the car.

Things are looking up for Renaud. He reached the top of the athletic career & now wants 20 Best Friends.

He starts by throwing a wedding party since he knows the guests will show up.  Ooops.  Looks like Caterina got the memo a little late that Christopher Pratt & Kerie were married...  After she walked off, Christopher twirled his finger around his ear and mouthed "crazy" to his wife.

They wanted a small ceremony.

Caterina got to know Ian as Renaud looked on, concerned.  I'm retiring so I can stay home and keep an eye on her, he thought to himself.

Gage slapped Elise after catching her kissing Everett.  "You could at least have the decency to cheat on me somewhere else," he fumed.

Ever since he started dating again, Renaud & Elise have not been getting along.  Something had to give...

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