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Prosperity Peeps

Feb 25, 2011

Round Twelve End Stats

Started with 100 Sims, added 12 Sims.  (Arianna was born to Quentin & Amelia Nichols, Shane Benson moved in with Lianna Nichols & they had baby Kaitlyn Nichols, Christopher & Kerie Pratt had baby Felicia, Taye & Carolina Turner had baby Jerome, Dave Owens married Nikki Waiter & they had baby Carrie, baby Dirk Collins was born to Korey & Hannah, baby Mason was born to Lance & Aaliyah Tomyoy, Guy Albee was born to JaNeeNee & Geoffrey Allbee, Ethel & Andrew Banks were to Kara & Preston Banks.)

Households:  Added 4 new households - Geoffrey & JaNeeNee (Turner) Allbee moved to their own place, Hannah (Owens) & Korey Collins moved out with toddler Dirk in tow, Kara (Owens) & Preston Banks moved out with Cornelius in tow, and Franklin Hsu moved out for some elbow space.

Aspiration Failures:  4 -Sadie Boggs has postpartum depression apparently, Jenna Turner after the skunk sprayed Titon, Phebe Boggs while visiting the Owens (4) household & then again after she became an elder.

Total Score:   177
112 Sims, 21 households, 15 aspiration failures, 2 social bunny visits, 1 firing
Neighborhood $:  $2,823,550 = 28 points
9 households have held 3 generations (Banks, Boggs, Owens, Romano/Hsu, Pratts, *Nichols, *Owens (2), *Owens (3), & *Owens (4))
12 platinum graves
Top of Career= 22:
   Henry Banks (Criminal/Dance), Margaret Banks (Athletic/*Criminal)
   Marcus Nichols (Education)
   Seth Owens (Gamer), Shanna Owens (Athletic), Ian Owens (Architecture)
   *Nina Romano (Architecture)
   Bryan Pratt (Architecture)
   AJ Owens (Business), Mary Owens (Adventure)
   Carter Owens (Journalism), Lindsay Owens (Military, Athletic)
   Ashley Tomyoy (Culinary), Sheldon Tomyoy (Oceanography), Lance Tomyoy (Law Enforce)
    Dexter Owens (Gamer)
   Olivia Tomyoy (Athletic)
   Taye Turner (Journalism)
   *Renaud Rossi (Athletic)

Impossible Wants (+3)= 7: Maya Nichols-Rossi had 50 Dream Dates, AJ Owens-Earn 100K, Elmer Tomyoy - Have 30 BF, Gracie Turner - 50 Dream Dates, *Lamar Turner - 50 1st Dates, *Henry Banks - Earn 100K, *Margaret Banks - Earn 100K

Preston (Wealth, Dance) Deceased
Generation Two 
Henry Banks (Wealth, Criminal)
Margaret (Middleton) (Wealth, Athletic)
Generation Three
Charles - teen (Family, Golden Anniversary)

Edison (Pleasure, 50 Dream Dates) Deceased with 18 Dream Dates
JP (Knowledge, Max Skills)
Generation Two
Simon (Family, Raise 20 Pets/Have 6 Grandchildren)
Sadie (Louie) - (Family, Have 6 Grandchildren)
Generation Three
Stella - teen (Knowledge?, military)
Benjamin - child
Emily - child

Janene (Family, Marry 6 Children) Deceased
Marcus (Family, Education), Deceased
Generation Two
Lianna (Romance, Culinary)
*Shane Benson (Romance, Music)
Quentin (Wealth, Dance)
Amelia (Boggs) (Popularity, 20 BFs)
Generation Three
*Arianna - baby
*Kaitlyn - baby

Seth (Pleasure, Gamer) Deceased
Shanna (Bruenig) (Romance, Athletic) Deceased
Generation Two
Ian - (Knowledge, Architecture/Oceanography)
Brenda (Wheeler) - (Popularity, Own 5 Top Businesses)
Generation Three
Bethany -teen
Christine -child
Dustin -child

Salvatore (Family, 6 Grandchildren), Deceased
Isabella (Family, Raise 20 Pets), Deceased

Gina Marie (Wealth, Dance), Deceased
Generation Two
Nina [Elmer Tomyoy] (Romano) (Knowledge, Architecture/Criminal)
Amin  Graham (Family, Marry 6 Children), Deceased
Generation Three
Bella [Ian Owens] Romano -teen (Pleasure, Slacker)
Emilio [Ian Owens] Romano -teen (Knowledge, Entertainment)
Amin Graham -toddler

Maya (Nichols) (Pleasure, 50 Dream Dates) Deceased
Generation Two
Bryan - (Knowledge, Architecture)
Christopher - (Knowledge, Criminal)
Kerie (Benson) - (Knowledge, Gamer)
Generation Three
Jesse -child
*Felicia - toddler

Naomi (Nichols) (Family, Raise 20 Pets), Deceased
Bruce Turner (Knowledge, Entertainment), Deceased
Generation Two
Michael Turner (Popularity, Athletic)
Jenna (Young) - (Knowledge, Journalism)
Generation Three
Tasha -child
*Jerome - child

Owens (2)
AJ (Wealth, Earn 100K/Earn 100K), Deceased
Mary (Boggs) (Knowledge, Adventure/5 Top Businesses)
Generation Two
Dave - (Popularity, Culinary)
Generation Three
*Nikki (Waiter) - (Wealth, Dance)
*Carrie - baby

Owens (3) 
Carter (Knowledge, Journalism) Deceased
Lindsay (Macaravich) (Popularity, Athlete), Deceased
Generation Two
Patrick - (Romance, 20 Woo Hoo)
Julie - (Wealth, Intelligence)

Ashley (Banks) (Romance, Culinary)  Deceased
Sheldon Tomyoy (Fortune, Earn 100k) Deceased
Lindsay (Nichols) (Romance, 20 Lovers) - moved to Tomyoy (2)
Generation Two
Lance (Family, Police/Marry 6 Children)
Aaliyah (Romano) (Wealth, Earn 100K)
Generation Three
Krystal - teen (Knowledge, Max Skills)
Shelly - teen (Knowledge, Entertainment)
Wesley - child
*Mason - toddler

Owens (4)
Dexter (Family, Golden Anniversary/6 Grandchildren), Deceased
Alessandra (Romano) (Education)
Generation Two
Everett - (Family, 6 Grandchildren)
Pratt (2)
Manuel - (Knowledge, Architecture), Deceased
Sheila (grocery delivery) - (Wealth, Law)
Generation Two
Tanya -teen (Knowledge, Gamer)
Monica - teen (Pleasure, Culinary)
Reggie - teen (Fortune, Intelligence)
Derrick - teen (Family, Golden Anniversary)

Tomyoy (2)
Elmer - (Popularity, 20 Best Friends), Deceased
Olivia (Romano) - (Romance, Athletic) Deceased
Lindsay (Nichols) - (Romance, 20 Lovers), Deceased

Generation Two
Gage - Adult (Romance, Slacker)

Turner (2)

Turner (3)
Taye Turner -  (Popularity, Journalism/Politics)
Carolina (Davison)- (Popularity, Police)
Generation Three
DeeDee - (Romance, Slacker)
Marcus - teen (Popularity, 20 BF's)
Kenneth - teen (Wealth, Law)

Owens (5)
Gracie (Owens) - (Pleasure, 50 Dream Dates/Gamer)
Lamar Turner - (Pleasure, 50 1st Dates/Culinary)
Generation Three
Terrance - child
Candice - child

Phebe [Edison Boggs] (Romano) -  (Family, Marry 6 Kids)
Daniel Hsu (Family, Education)
Generation Three
Destiny Hsu - Adult (Romance, Athletic)
Trevor Hsu -  teen (Knowledge, Intelligence)
Jeanie - teen (Popularity, 20 Pet BFs)
Marie - teen (Pleasure, Culinary)
Nate - child

Stacy (Tomyoy) - (Family, Golden Anniv.)
Todd Fairchild - (Knowledge, Medicine)
Generation Three
Thomas - teen (Pleasure, ?)
Molly - child

Renaud Rossi (Popularity, Athletic/20 BF)
Caterina (Tomyoy) - (Romance, 20 Lovers)
Generation Two
Elise Rossi- teen (Family, Have 6 Grandchildren)

JaNeeNee (Turner) - (Pleasure, Culinary)
Geoffrey Allbee - (Popularity, Law)
Generation Three
*Guy - baby

Hannah -  (Popularity, Journalism)
Korey Collins - (Romance, Music)

*Banks (2)
Kara (Owens) -  (Knowledge, Dance)
Preston Banks - (Family, Marry 6 Children)
Generation Three
Cornelius - child
*Ethel - toddler
*Andrew - baby

*Hsu (2)
Franklin Hsu - (Pleasure, Culinary)
Monica (Pratt) - (Pleasure, Culinary)

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