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Feb 4, 2011

Tomyoy - Round Nine

Sheldon Tomyoy (Wealth - Earn 100K), Lindsay Nichols (Romance - 20 Lovers), Lance (Family - Police), Aaliyah (Nichols) (Wealth - Earn 100K), Stacy (Family - Golden Anniversary)

Sheldon got down on one knee and told Lindsay "I'm not getting any younger & I want to spend the rest of my life making you happy."  Lindsay threw her arms around Sheldon and accepted.

Seconds later....

Blake left a grand piano for Stacy after such a wonderful date.  Thanks Blake!

Lance reached the top of his career & immediately received super-hero invisibility powers.  (He finally showed back up when someone tried to steal the newspaper that he wanted to read. I guess it made him really mad? Lol!)

Stacy walked in on Lindsay and Roberto.

Lance walked in on Todd Fairchild & Lindsay and had a fit.

Umm... Stacy... I'm not quite sure that's how you're supposed to say goodbye to an enemy..  Seriously, look at her relationship with him - negative.  She's mad at him for catching him with Lindsay.

Lindsay and Elmer reconnect...

Aaliyah finds herself pregnant and worries about taking a maternity leave.

Apparently Sheldon approves of Lance's technique... not really sure why else he would be staring so intently.  That's your son Sheldon!

Don't think Sheldon would approve of Lindsay making the moves on her ex-husband...

Lindsay has 21 simultaneous loves, but for some reason the game doesn't register it.  Aw man.. she worked really hard on that! <insert off-color joke here>

Todd drops by to visit Lindsay & Stacy greets him snobbishly.

Apparently Todd doesn't care for her attitude.

And yet still....   I have a bad feeling about this....

Sheldon & Lindsay tie the knot. 

Aw, look! Henry matches Lindsay's dress.

Not on your wedding night Lindsay! That's just tacky!  "But his outfit matched mine... I had to reward him..."

Ashley does not approve of Sheldon remarrying.

Although she seems to be laughing at him here.  "It figures he'd wind up with someone like her," Ashley scoffed. "At least I never got caught!"

And Ashley certainly got caught.  Guess you should've made sure he wasn't actually in the same room as you before inviting Todd to visit the closet. Doh!

Further punishment is avoided by Aaliyah going into labor.  Welcome to the world little Krystal Tomyoy!

Sheldon went to cool down by painting a relaxing picture.  Darn it! He only had $90,000! So close!
Todd came over to visit Ashley, but found Stacy crying on the front porch over her father passing away.
Stacy apologize for slapping him, she explains that she'd just been so mad at Lindsay for cheating on her father.  It brought up memories from her childhood.

That night, Sheldon & Stacy sat on the couch and talked for hours about their past, their hopes & their dreams.

Lance stormed through the house to find Lindsay and then told her she had one week to find somewhere else to live.  "You're not welcome here anymore!  Find someone else that wants to put up with you!"

Stacy is swept off her feet the next night when Todd comes to visit her - not Lindsay.
"I've been wanting to do this since I met you," Todd tells Stacy as he kisses her passionately.

But after Stacy goes to bed, Todd takes a short detour before going home.

That night, Lindsay asks Todd to move in and he accepts.  The next morning the family doesn't take the news well as Todd saunters out of the house for his job in the criminal field.

WOW! This family keeps the drama coming!  Will Todd Fairchild shape up for Stacy Tomyoy? Or will Stacy wisen up and stick with Blake.  Blake left her a piano for Pete's sake!  Will Lindsay find someone else to take her in?  Did Todd move in to be with Lindsay, Stacy, or BOTH?!

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