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Feb 11, 2011

Tomyoy (2) - Round Ten

Elmer Tomyoy (Popularity, 20 Best Friends), Olivia Tomyoy (Romance, Athletic/20 Lovers), Caterina (Romance, 20 Lovers), Gage (Romance, Slacker)
(This is where we left off last week. As you will recall - Preston caught Caterina dating Patrick Owens earlier this Round.  Suffice it to say that he was not ready to go steady after that. Darn it!  After a few apologies & a few influence-to-kiss, he was ready to pick up where he left off!)

Olivia turned a blind eye when her kids brought their dates home.

"So soon! But I never got a chance to sow my wild oats!" Olivia cried.
Elmer was surprised when Lindsay Tomyoy dropped by to visit.  She opened with a passionate kiss, even though Olivia's grave was not 10 feet away and his kids were inside sobbing.

Even though it was very soon after Olivia passed away, Lindsay helped Elmer see the light.  He needed her to help him with the kids.  Feeling brash, Elmer surprised Lindsay with a surprise engagement.

And then a surprise wedding. (Darnit! I didn't mean to select the wedding party - oh well! Roll with it!)

Lindsay couldn't wait to dig her claws into Elmer.  Her current living arrangement was horrible!

Elmer noticed a quick change in the way Lindsay treated him. Already he was being ignored.

But she made it up to him in other ways.

His wife.  Elmer couldn't believe he was lucky enough to find two loves like this in his life.

Lindsay couldn't believe how lucky she was to find another man to support her while she... played...  And even for an old lady, she still had it!

Sibling Rivalry. Maybe they're arguing about who gets to use the phone.

Caterina grows up well.

And begins to flirt with every male in 10 mile radius.

She's very attracted to Timothy Fuchs.  (Watch out JaNeeNee - she's after your man!)

Elmer has 30 Best friends & nothing to show for it! (stupid glitchy lifetime wants! Grrrr!)

Gage romances Tanya Pratt.

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