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Feb 18, 2011

Tomyoy - Round Eleven

Lance took time out of his work schedule to teach Krystal to study.

Krystal really wanted to adopt Migs, but it wasn't her choice to make.

Shelly becomes a child.

Sheldon is happy that someone still uses his bed.

Sheldon & Aaliyah never got along - not in life & apparently not in death!


They look like twins!

Lance holds his baby boy - Wesley.

Apparently Lance doesn't trust the nanny enough to leave Wesley at home with her.

Umm... if you guys don't like the nanny, just fire her!

Krystal becomes a teen & immediately changes up her image so that she doesn't look like all the other girls out there.

Charles Banks jumps Monica Pratt.

Here's Krystal with her glasses & her hair pulled back.  Little Wesley grows up.

And so does Lance. (They have enough money - he's going to have to get some hair implants...)

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