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Feb 11, 2011

Tomyoy - Round Ten

Lindsay (Nichols) Tomyoy (Romance, 20 Lovers), Lance (Family, Police/Marry 6 Children), Aaliyah (Pratt) (Wealth, Earn 100K), Stacy (Family, Reach Golden Anniversary), Todd Fairchild (Knowledge, Medical), Krystal
"Don't talk to my sister that way, you witch," Lance yelled as he jumped Lindsay.
After breakfast, "You filthy, cheating..." Stacy screamed as she put Lindsay in a headlock.
Todd came home from work & knew that he needed to talk to the family after the ugly scene that morning.  "Look," Todd started, "I just want you to know that I'm 100% committed to Stacy..."  But Lance cut him off, "Then why did you move in because Lindsay asked you?  I don't trust you as far as I can throw you."
But Todd was wonderful with the kids. Feeding them, rocking them, changing their diapers.  He was even there for little Krystal's birthday!
"Don't touch my daughter!" Aaliyah threatened as she poked Lindsay.
Aaliyah & Stacy got to know their co-workers Ian Startor & Amin Graham.
Todd declared his love to Stacy & tried to make their relationship work.
Which was tough when Lindsay kept acting up.  "Oh for Gods sake, you don't need anyone to call 911.  Get up, old lady," Stacy said.
I thought it was funny that Stacy called everyone to dinner & everyone just stepped over Lindsay.  The only person to worry about her was Amin.  You can see her still passed out in the background.
"I have to go to work, my sweet," Todd told Stacy as he tried for one last kiss.
Lance used his spare time to teach Krystal to talk.
Aaliyah gave birth one cold winter night.
Welcome to the world little Shelly (named after Lance's wonderful (albeit oblivious) father Sheldon)
Although they'd been sleeping in the same bed for nights now, Todd was finally able to convince Stacy to go all the way.
Krystal grew up.
"Why don't you make yourself useful & do some repairs around the house" - like the tv....
"Wait a minute..." Ashley said after starting to repair the tv. "I don't know how to do this & I'm too hungry to even try!"  (Was that an obvious attempt at Sim-i-cide?  I'm just mad at her! She had 20 simultaneous lovers & no perma plat.)
Stacy realizes why mothers, well not her mother, but other mothers, told their daughters to wait until they were married.
She didn't have anything to worry about though.  Todd proposed as soon as she told him she was pregnant.
Lance was fired from his brilliant military career for making one little mistake.  (Stupid chance card)
"Don't worry sweetie, it'll be okay, I still have my job," Aaliyah told Lance.
Their revamped entryway & livingroom.
Revamped kitchen & dining room.
Stacy gives birth. (I wonder if I got them married in time...)
His face is priceless. Is he making the face at Lindsay or stinky Stacy?
Operation-Be-Mean-To-Lindsay commences.  Mitch had previously caught Lindsay cheating on him while she remained oblivious to his anger.  Suffice it to say she was rejected for a make-out.
"I'm old & alone!" Lindsay cried on the front steps & had mental breakdown #1.  (Darnit, I forgot being mean to Sims would make them crack.  Oh well, I'll gladly take that -1 point!)
"It's not fair" Lindsay whined as she had mental breakdown #2.
Little Shelly looks concerned with all the unfriendliness in the house.
Todd, Stacy & baby Thomas move out.
Lance & Aaliyah couldn't be happier.
Now if only they could get rid of that dead weight....

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